Denisa at Hugh and Hyde offers on-the-spot monogramming services for your next event, party and/or corporate function.

Why choose on-the-spot monogramming for your event? 

Nothing attracts a crowd more than personalised gifts and merchandise, especially when we can personalise an item in under one minute. Not only will your guests or potential clients stop to watch the monogramming process, but they will also take home something personalised for them (which is what Hugh and Hyde is all about - personalised giving). This creates a unique vibe and memory which will make your event or brand stand out from the rest (which is ultimately what you want). 

At corporate events, clients will definitely wander around our visually appealing monogramming station at your stand. Trust us, curiosity kicks in and they will always approach your stand, even just to watch. As clients wait for their item to be personalised, this is the time your sales team start conversations to increase your brand awareness. 

Who is Denisa? What does she do? 

Denisa is an expert monogrammer and can provide quality customer service for your clients and/or guests. She has personalised thousands of items at ADX in Sydney (Australian Dental Exhibition), RACGP National Conference in Brisbane, pop up stores and market stalls. 

Which events do we go to?

We can do on-the-spot monogramming for:

  • weddings
  • parties
  • corporate functions
  • trade shows
  • product/service launches
  • a personalised event (you name it and we'll make it work)

Which items do we personalise? 

We can supply our Hugh and Hyde pouches, luggage tags and key-rings for your event. If you are interested in something else, we will help you find the perfect item for your guests/clients. 

How much does it cost? 

We will quote per hour for our monogramming services.

Prices per item depend on which item/s you choose for your guests/clients to take home. Alternatively, you can also source out your own items and pay a small fee. 

Aligning with everything we do, we will personalise each quote to you and your needs for your event. For more information, please send an email to



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