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Live monogramming increases foot traffic and the crowd at your stand. While we monogram, your sales team will have plenty of time to start conversations and connect with your clients. Get personal and give clients an unforgettable brand activation experience. 

About Us

Hugh and Hyde is a creative small business and we specialise in leather monogramming. We help you elevate your brand activations through personalised marketing and Live Monogramming at corporate events. We specialise in monogramming initials or names on a range of company merchandise on the spot, including notebooks, keyrings, luggage tags and more.

Our Live Monogramming Services can help your company deliver a more personal brand activation experience that your clients won't forget. People glance at ordinary freebies at conferences and exhibitions, but nothing attracts crowds more than personalised merchandise at your stand. This leaves a lasting impression for clients long after the event.

 Clients will stop and watch the live monogramming process, giving your sales team plenty of time to boost sign ups and start valuable conversations. 

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*Important note - our Live Monogramming quotes and packages will change after July 9th 2023. All inquiries made after this date will receive our new quotes for 2023, unless a deposit was processed on or prior to July 9th 2023. If a quote was provided before July 9th 2023 with no deposit, new quotes will apply. 

Why choose our Live Monogramming Services? 

Brand Activation

Personalised merchandise will create a lasting impression and increase brand awareness. It will reflect your company's personalised services and attention to detail.


We are quick!
We can monogram 1 item every 1.5 minutes. That is about 30-40 items per hour.

Invites a crowd

Live monogramming increases foot traffic and the crowd at your stand. While we monogram, your sales team will have plenty of time to start conversations.

Fair quotes guaranteed

Our focus is to quote for our Live Monogramming services, not make profits from selling stock. Unlike other companies, we we will happily monogram stock you find at the best prices.


Our Live Monogramming FAQ

1. What is Live Monogramming? How does it work?

Monogramming is a technique used to emboss a symbol or initials which identify a person. Our skilled monogrammers will bring our portable machines to any location and they will monogram merchandise on the spot for your event. 

2. Who will personalise our merchandise on site?

We have a team of expert staff who are skilled in the craft of leather monogramming to personalise each item. They are trained to personalise a range of merchandise at a fast speed for corporate events. 

3. How long does it take to personalise one item?

This depends on the item being personalised. One monogrammer can personalise one item every 1-2 minutes. This can equate to about 300 items per day, or 30-40 items per hour. Obviously the more monogrammers and machines on site, the more items we can personalise!

4. What type of items can we personalise? 

We specialise in personalising a range of genuine leather or PU leather accessories. This includes notebooks (very popular), pouches, keyrings, card holders, luggage tags and more. You can submit an inquiry to if you are interested in personalising other items. 

5. Do we provide the merchandise?

Absolutely! We can definitely help you provide merchandise at wholesale prices. Please keep in mind that our promise and focus is to provide quality Live Monogramming services, not make a profit from the stock and merchandise. If you find merchandise elsewhere at a better price, we are more than happy to monogram them (this has been the most popular option in our experience).  We will just request 1-2 samples to test on our machines. 

*We will require 6-8 weeks notice if we are required to supply merchandise. 

6. Can you emboss company logos on merchandise? 

Yes! We can organise a custom-made brass mould of your company logo. We will use this mould to emboss your logo on a range of PU leather and genuine leather items. Please email Denisa at for our quotes for custom moulds. 

7. How much does it cost for Live Monogramming? 

Live Monogramming is a traditional, rare and luxury service. In saying that, our quotes are attractive and reasonable compared to other providers. Please email Denisa at for our quotes and packages. 

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