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If you are organising a stand at your next corporate event or expo, you are already thinking about your merchandise options. But imagine personalised merchandise for a client, like with their name or initials? That would be a marketing changer.

That is exactly what we do. We provide Live Monogramming Services so that you can deliver a personal brand activation experience which they won't forget. People glance at ordinary freebies, but nothing attracts a crowd more than personalised merchandise.

Our Live Monogramming will give you the perfect opportunity to pitch your company services while they wait for us to personalise their accessory. Not only will your clients stop and watch the monogramming process, but they will also take home merchandise which speaks for your company, creating a lasting impression. 

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Why choose our Live Monogramming Services? 

Brand Activation

Personalised merchandise creates a lasting impression and increases brand awareness.


We are quick! We monogram 1 item every 1.5 minutes. That is about 300 items per day.

Invites a crowd

Live monogramming increases foot traffic and the crowd at your stand. While we monogram, your sales team will have plenty of time to start conversations.

Personalised Experience

Personalised merchandise at your stand can reflect company values of customer care, a personal touch and attention to detail. 

Live Monogramming FAQ

1. What is Live Monogramming? How does it work?

Monogramming is a technique used to emboss a symbol or initials which identify a person. We monogram items on the spot using our special heat machines which can bring on site. 

2. Who will personalise our merchandise on site?

We have expert staff who are skilled in the craft of leather monogramming to personalise each item. Denisa is the most experienced monogrammer and she may be accompanied by junior staff to assist. 

3. How long does it take to personalise one item?

This depends on the item being personalised. One trained staff can personalise one item every 1-2 minutes. This can equate to about 300 items per day (and we can commit to more with more staff). 

4. Which items can we personalise? 

We can personalise a range of items on the spot. This includes notebooks (very popular), pouches, keyrings, card holders and more. You can submit an inquiry to if you are interested in personalising other items. 

5. Do you provide the merchandise?

We can definitely provide merchandise and it will charged to the company, however the merchandise will not have your company branding on it. It is advised that your company merchandise is supplied to us and we provide the personalisation services for these items. Most items made of PU or genuine leather can be personalised beautifully. We usually ask for a one or two samples as a test before event.

*We will require 6 weeks notice if we are required to supply merchandise. 

6. How much does it cost for Live Monogramming? 

We believe personalisation should be enjoyed by everyone, small and big companies included. We will do our best to meet your budget, however keeping in mind that Live Monogramming is a luxury service. In saying that, our quotes are attractive and reasonable compared to competing providers. We quote on an hourly basis for our Live Monogramming Services. We also provide Live Monogramming for interstate events with a travel fee. Please email Denisa at for quotes and packages. 

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