Our brand vision and mission. 

3 years ago, we saw a flaw in the leather monogramming industry. Everything was overpriced. Buying personalised leather had a pretentious, snooty vibe to it. Personalisation should bring a personal experience home, not exclude those who couldn't afford it. And so, Hugh and Hyde was born to solve this problem.

Our vision is to inspire dreamers, planners and doers to celebrate their own personalised style. We all work and hustle for an organised life. We wanted to help you start that journey through a collection of minimalist and everyday leather accessories that last.

Our mission is to make quality personalised accessories more available to everyone, doing everyday things. Personalisation and monogramming should be an inclusive experience. It shouldn't have a pretentious vibe or expensive price tag attached to it.

Thank you for valuing this as much as we do! 



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